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Basic Guitar Knowledge For Beginners Guitar 

Basic Guitar Knowledge For Beginners

You have a special passion for guitar, but you don’t know how to learn and when to learn guitar. Is it difficult to learn guitar? How long does it take to learn guitar? and many other questions about the guitar. This article today will help you answer these questions and have an overview about guitar before you start learning guitar.

Basic Guitar Knowledge For Beginners

Which guitar should you start learning with?

As you see, there are many different types of guitar on the market with many diverse prices. So, why do their prices is different? The reason is that their material, as well as their design, is different. Many people wonder if they should choose which type. You needn’t buy an expensive guitar. You can also buy a cheap, but it has to ensure the quality of sounds. That is decisive factors to the ability to develop your guitar later.

Iron or nylon guitar strings?

A guitar having nylon strings is called classic guitar used to play the classical music or nonverbal music. This guitar produces warm sounds. It uses nylon strings, a 12-key fretboard, and a big neck.

Basic Guitar Knowledge For Beginners 2

The iron string guitar is called modern guitar used to buffer or play the modern music. The characteristics of this music are exciting and vibrant, so its sound must be large and resonant. The acoustic guitar uses iron strings, a 14-key fretboard, and a small neck.

They are the main characteristics to distinguish the classic guitar and modern guitar. They help you easily choose a type that suits your music you want to learn.

Start with a classic guitar or an acoustic guitar?

It’s easier to start learning guitar with an acoustic guitar (modern guitar) than a classic guitar because it just requires buffering without difficult techniques or complex notes. You simply just need to know chords, and you can play it. That will help you play more easily without depressing at first.

If an acoustic guitar uses nylon strings, does it become a classic guitar? 

In principle, it hasn’t any change. You still can use nylon strings for an acoustic guitar, but its sound is less resonant than an iron string guitar. However, if you use iron strings for a classic guitar, there is not much change.

Basic Guitar Knowledge For Beginners 3

How to start learning guitar?

You should learn slowly and persistently. The first time can be the most difficult time for anyone. The common problem is that your fingers will get a pain, and they can be blistered. Moreover, you will feel disappointed because you can’t remember notes. Therefore, many people have an intention of giving up learning at first.

When learning guitar, you need to train your fingers firstly. You should learn how to press notes before you learn others.

Identify your passion and motivation in order that you can learn guitar. Find useful methods to learn fast and effectively.


They are some of the most common questions for those who have just started learning guitar. Through the article, you will answer your questions about the guitar in order to make your own plan for your learning.

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