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Good Old Fashioned Licks Make a Cool Sounding Run Guitar 

Good Old Fashioned Licks Make a Cool Sounding Run

In this Pro Concepts we are going to have some fun with some good old fashioned licks that we will string together to make a cool sounding run. This scale we are going to be thinking about while doing this is the dominant 7 scale, which is also commonly known as the Mixolydian mode. The Mixolydian mode is the 5th mode in a diatonic sequence, and is the scale you want to know when playing over-a dominant 7, but also sounds good wherever you have 2′ major chords 2 frets (or a…

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Basic Guitar Knowledge For Beginners Guitar 

Basic Guitar Knowledge For Beginners

You have a special passion for guitar, but you don’t know how to learn and when to learn guitar. Is it difficult to learn guitar? How long does it take to learn guitar? and many other questions about the guitar. This article today will help you answer these questions and have an overview about guitar before you start learning guitar. Which guitar should you start learning with? As you see, there are many different types of guitar on the market with many diverse prices. So, why do their prices is…

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